12Raffles Hotel


Places to visit in Singapore

To start off our list of places to visit in Singapore, we look at Pools Hotel, an incredible lodging and a national landmark, was opened in 1887. It is a serene shelter of white, veranda-encased, provincial style structures with terracotta-tiled pitched rooftops. The lodging has now obtained an overall notoriety for fine administration and nourishment, with a beguiling mix of traditional design and tropical greenery enclosures. At the back of the building is the Raffles Courtyard where it serves a menu of Italian dishes in a perfect in the open air eating space.

There are night alternatives in Raffles Hotel. The Jubilee Hall has a wide range of functions and occasions consistently, shopping arcade having bespoke tailors, classical stores, extravagance boutiques and Raffles memorabilia, bars and eateries having beverages and mixed drinks.


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