12German Short-Haired Pointer


The German Short haired Pointer is absolutely all Purpose breed and close working gun dog. German Short Haired Pointer combines agility, power and stamina. However, the German Short Haired Pointer breed has a short back, It should stand over plenty of ground. It should have graceful outline, strong quarters and an athletic physique.

The German Short Haired Pointer is an active dog. On the other side it can be frustrated and creative if you do not give them daily exercise both mental and physical. This is a family pet and very sensitive breed. They are very response to gentle training.


The German Short Haired Pointer is descended from a very famous breed which name is German Bird Dog, which itself related to the old Spanish Pointer. The Spanish Pointer was introduced to Germany in the 17th century. Various German Hound and other tracking dogs as well as English Pointer and the Arkwright Pointer also contributed to the development of the breed. The German Short Haired Pointer breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930.

Personal Information

NameGerman Short Haired Pointer
Other NamesGSP, DK, Kurzhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehhund, Deutsch Kurzhaar
Breed Group(AKC:1930) Gun Dog (UKC)
SizeMedium to Large
Life Span12-14 years
Puppy PriceAverage $600 – $1000 USD
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German Short-Haired Pointer Names

RankBoy NamesGirl Names
01 Max Bella
02 Cooper Daisy
03 Charlie Abbie
04 Tucker Molly
05 Buddy Bailey
06 Oscar Coco
07 Bentley Zoe
08 Milo Sophie
09 Bailey Katie
10 Louie Penny

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